St. George’s Anglican Church: 360 Image

Montreal, Canada

St. George’s Anglican Church, located in downtown Montreal, is a cherished heritage church with a rich history. Named after Saint George, the patron saint of England, the church stands as a testament to English Gothic Revival architecture.

Originally established in 1843 on Notre-Dame Street, the church relocated to its current site on Peel Street and De la Gauchetière Street in 1870. Designed by architect William Tutin Thomas, the church showcases stunning features inspired by medieval English religious architecture.

The church’s exterior boasts carved sandstone and magnificent stained glass windows, while the interior showcases traditional English woodwork and dark wood paneling. Notably, the church’s ceiling beams are among the largest in the world, creating a breathtaking sight.

Among its remarkable elements is the bell tower, designed by architect Alexander Francis Dunlop and completed in 1894. The church also houses a congregational war memorial window, crafted by Charles William Kelsey, depicting angels and inspiring biblical verses.

Designated as a National Historic Site of Canada, St. George’s Anglican Church invites visitors to immerse themselves in its architectural splendor and explore its captivating history in the heart of Montreal.

Step inside with our elevated 360 image of St George’s Anglican Church!

Greg Moine Photography

St. George’s Anglican Church: 360 Image